vintage micros

My meager collection of vintage micros on this custom shelf unit.
I built the shelves for multiple uses, but it turned out perfect for storing
the micro systems.

The 2nd and 3rd shelves (up from bottom) slide out as seen with the 2nd.
This accomodates keyboards and other system components.

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Testing a vintage computer - the venerable Atari 400, one of the earliest on the scene.

Atari 400!

The best thing about this system was its use as a cost effective game platform.
If you wanted to do any task that required typing, you really wanted the Atari 800
for the full keyboard. Instead of the 400's funky sheet of plastic.

While it has a more space age look - (because we all know Atari was all about space!)
- the 400 could not quite match the brown log like commodore 64 in the hardware dept.

The biggest advantage the 400 had was all the sweet official Atari arcade game ports.
The majority of these were on par (or better) than the 5200 and the 400 has the added
bonus of being able to use any joystick that worked with the Atari 2600 / 7800 team.

Add to that a host of computer only adventure games and the ability to save to disk
and you have a respectable game platform.